The fourth season of the Hey Dude TV series began airing on September 7, 1990, on the Nickelodeon television network, and concluded its initial airing on December 14, 1990 with 13 episodes.


Season 4 started airing a bit less than two months after the end of season 3. Kyle, the son of Lucy's ex-boyfriend, joins the staff of the ranch. Among others, the season includes Mr. Ernst becoming Sheriff, Danny getting a job as a cartoonist for the local paper, Brad and Kyle finding themselves stranded in the desert and Ted escaping summer school to return to the ranch.


Season 4 started with the eight main characters: the seven that had already appeared in the second half of season 3, plus Kyle who had a guest appearance in episode 3x13. During the season, David Lascher joined the show again. Thus, season 4 had nine main characters who were portrayed by the following regular cast members:


The following lists introduces the individual episodes of season 4 with a short summary. For details such as the writer(s) and director(s) of the episodes and their original air date on Nickelodeon see "Episodes".

No. Image Title Summary
40 4x01 4x01 They're Back The Vlecks stay at the Bar None while the Snake Eyes Ranch is being repaired.
41 4x02 4x02 Ride, She Said Brad learns the true meaning of Christmas from her friendship with a disabled boy.
42 4x03 4x03 Magnum Ernst Mr. Ernst becomes sheriff, and Danny and Buddy work on the first living-desert museum.
43 4x04 4x04 Dudesbury Danny becomes a cartoonist for the local paper.
44 4x05 4x05 Fear The pool at the Bar None will close unless the staff becomes certified. The problem is Brad is afraid of the water.
45 4x06 4x06 Secret Admirer Brad and Mel try to cheer up Mr. Ernst when he is down about getting older.
46 4x07 4x07 Lost in the Desert Brad and Kyle are tied up and left in the desert during a camping trip with young buckaroos.
47 4x08 4x08 Return of Ted Ted runs away from summer school and returns to the ranch. Mr. E tries to win $10,000 on "Hilarious Home Videos".
48 4x09 4x09 Do the Right Thing An archaeologist discovers a sacred Indian burial ground at the Bar None.
49 4x10 4x10 Doghouse Blues The Vlecks have a fight causing Mrs. Vleck to flee to the Bar None and it is up to Jake to solve their problem.
50 4x11 4x11 Some Like It Hot Danny and Jake's impersonations of visiting travel writers fool Mr. Ernst.
51 4x12 4x12 Mr. Moneybags Because of financial difficulties, Mr. Ernst considers selling the Bar None. Ted returns with good news. Foreigners visit the Bar None.
52 4x13 4x13 Murder, He Wrote Mr. Ernst and the staff plan a murder-mystery night to raise money for the ranch. Ted and Melody are away sick and when they return to the ranch they think the kids are planning a real murder.



Front cover of the Season 4 DVD box

Season 4 was released on DVD by Shout! Factory on April 9, 2013 with the title Hey Dude - Season 4. It was first first published as a Shout! Select title which could only be purchased at the Shout! Factory's website, but later became available from other sources, too.

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