The desert next to the Bar None Ranch

The desert is a landscape in the surroundings of the Bar None Ranch.


Some of the events in the desert include

1x03: Buddy runs away from the Bar None Ranch with the pony Goldilocks and his pet dog Cassie. He gets lost in the desert and sits down under a tree where he is found by Ted.

4x07: Brad and Kyle lead a group of young buckaroos to an overnight camp in the desert. As it gets dark, the kids tie Kyle and Brad together with a rope and leave the camp. They watch the two sqirm, eat all the available food and ride home. Kyle and Brad can cut the rope and are taken home in a jeep by Danny, Jake, and Melody who have lerned from the kids what happened.

5x06: Ted and Kyle are ready to fight each other over Brad when they are sent by Mr. Ernst to a common errand. In the desert, Kyle gets his eyes blinded by looking into an overheated radiator, and Ted gets his ankle sprained when he jumps out of the jeep. They agree to drive together: Kyle operates the pedals because Ted cannot do it with his sprained ankle, and Ted steers the car because Kyle cannot do it with his blinded eyes. Soon, however, they drive off the road. They start fighting again, but then agree they should help each other to get back to the ranch. Ted hops on Kyles back and Kyle walks while Ted gives directions.

For a detailled description of all the events in the desert please refer to the articles on the episodes.

Behind the scenes

Sonoradesert 1

Sonoran Desert near Tucson, Arizona, with Saguaros

The desert around Tucson, Arizona, forms part of the Sonoran Desert which covers parts of Arizona, California, and Mexico. The Saguaro, a tree-like cactus which can grow to be over 20 m (perhaps the "killer cactus" of the theme song) and the Organ Pipe cactus are endemic plants of this desert. For more information refer to the Wikipedia article on the Sonoran Desert.