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Cinetel Productions was a film production company. It produced the Hey Dude TV series for the Nickelodeon TV network.


Cinetel Productions was founded in 1985 as a subsidiary company of Bagwell Communications, an advertising agency run by Ross Bagwell Sr. and Ross Bagwell Jr. in Knoxville, Tennessee.[1] Over almost ten years, The company developed programs for various American TV channels.

In 1994, Cinetel Productions was sold to Scripps Howard, an American media conglomerate, and was renamed to Scripps Productions.


The first TV program Cinetel Productions produced from 1986 on were 415 episodes of I-40 Paradise for "The Nashville Network" (TNN, now Paramount Network), a cable TV network in Nashville, Tennessee. Among the other TV series produced before the company's purchase by Scripps were Hey Dude for Nickelodeon (1989-1991, 65 episodes), TNN's Shadetree Mechanic (1992), hosted by Dave Bowman and Sam Memmolo, the talk-show Danceline (1993), and A&E's America's Castles (1994).


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