Main characters of season 1

The main characters of the Hey Dude TV series are the ranch owner, his son, the female ranch hand, and four to six teenage summer employees.

The main characters of each season as well as the actors and actresses portraying them are indicated in the credits in the intro of each episode.


Image Character Actor/Actress Season(s) Remarks
Ernst-s1-01 Benjamin Ernst, Sr. David Brisbin 1-5 Mr. Ernst is the new owner of the Bar None Ranch
Buddy-s2-01 Benjamin Ernst, Jr.,
called "Buddy"
Josh Tygiel 1-5 Buddy is Mr. Ernst's son. He is not so happy abouth their change to the Non Bar Ranch.
Lucy-01 Lucy Debrah Kalman 1-5 Lucy is a female ranch hand at the Non Bar Ranch.
Ted-s2-01 Ted McGriff David Lascher 1-5
2x03 Melody Hanson Christine Taylor 1-5
1x10 Danny Lightfoot Joe Torres 1-5
1x05 Bradley Taylor,
called "Brad"
Kelly Brown 1-5
Jake-5x03-01 Jake Decker Jonathan Galkin 3-5
Kyle-4x07-01 Kyle Chandler Geoffrey Coy 3-5

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